Class Styles

Architect Studios has over 40 classes on the schedule that are all based on the H.I.I.T. formula. This simply means that you go to your maximum capacity for a set period of time.


high intensity HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) gives you strength, conditioning and fat-burning workouts.

simple less equipment and more compound movements (e.g. functional fitness & modified plyometrics)

personalized “self-challenging” classes with modifications at your own personal fitness level.

conditioning GRIIT classes train you to be stronger, leaner and more injury-resistant for the sports and activities you love and for the rigors of everyday life.


intervals emphasis on elevating and dropping heart rate (i.e.sweat).

circuits highly-varied exercises in different stations utilizing equipment.

functionality circuit.GRIIT is designed to enhance your cardio strength and endurance so you can perform more effectively at a higher fitness level than ever before.


intervals SIIT (Sprint Intensity Interval Training) brings together the benefits of cardiorespiratory and strength training in a short amount of time.

strength using free weights, kettle bells, and bodyweight to tone and strengthen the muscles.

core you will be guided through bodyweight exercises to strengthen this essential component to building a solid foundation for you in and out of the gym.

sprint short (:30 – :60) intervals that push you to the full capacity to achieve a maximum heart rate.


mobility the “mo” in mobility. All humans should have the mobility to move freely, without pain and with a strong body. mo.GRIIT is a 45 minute workout that focuses on basic movements to create a strong structure for total body autonomy.

calisthenics no equipment required. Bodyweight movements that increase your strength, mobility and motor control.

optimize learn to move your body efficiently and effectively to live more optimally in your daily life outside of the gym!


core upper and lower body workout with a strong focus on defining the core muscles through challenging movements to build strength and stability.

conditioning 45 minute class that combines sets of cardio, muscle conditioningand plyometric exercises to increase endurance, strength and mobility.

maximum push yourself to your individual maximum. Each class is designed for every unique individual to achieve a goal…and then set an even higher goal!


cardio classes are programmed with heart pounding playlists to motivate and inspire you to push yourself hard on that flat road or up that hill.

technique certified instructors with contagious energy and passion for spin will guide you through your ride from accurate set up on your bike and challenging ride to cool down and stretch.

cross training perfect compliment to other forms of training including but not limited to strength training, running and high impact movements for recovery and yoga and low impact movements for cardiovascular endurance and strength.


cardio classes are programmed with heart pounding playlists to motivate and inspire you to push yourself hard on that flat road or up that hill.

ride certified instructors will focus on intervals to keep you engaged. Using verbal cues, this class is focused on improving your total body and VO2 max.

efficiency 45 minutes including warm up, engaging ride and cool down. Give your 100% start to finish and you are guaranteed a solid workout to keep you strong for your day.


total body TRX suspension training system you will help build power and increase strength, balance and mobility. You are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

bodyweight leverages your bodyweight and gravity to perform exercises that are challenging for beginners and novices alike.

recovery great compliment to cross train and recover. All exercises can be modified to low impact intervals.

Skill and Sweat

skills this is your time to work on specific movements or skills that build a solid foundation for more complex exercises or heavier weight.

discipline practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes you stronger, faster, more mobile but not without discipline. Show up and put in the work.

workout building on the skill work developed in the class you will be given a workout to push yourself to your maximum capacity.